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Monthly Archive: July 2019

Affiliate Marketing4

Affiliate Marketing: A Step by Step Guide

A Step by Step Guide to Affiliate Marketing: Make money online. Thank you for subscribing to The Great Past 60 Blog!  It will NOT be a waste of your time. With each Blog Post, you will get introduced to the...

You're Never to Old0

You’re Never To Old!

You’re never to old to do the things in life that you love. Be it flying an airplane, sailing the oceans of the world, reading a book, or volunteering at your favorite cause, age does not have to stop us...

Become The Best You Can Be0

Great advice from Gene

How can I become the best version of myself in a month? Gene Griffith, former Retired Military (1987-2013) Answered Nov 6, 2018  Get 8–9 hours of sleep every night. Don’t worry about waking up early. I spent almost 27 years...

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