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Category: Spirit

How to Unwind

How To Unwind

How to Unwind By Robert C. Hoffman This report includes powerful tips related to unwinding. It also includes 3 actionable steps you can take right away and a list of suggested reading for those people who are looking for even...

Yoga step by step

Learn Yoga – Step by Step

Learn Yoga – Step by Step By Robert C Hoffman Learn Yoga – Step by Step The benefits of Yoga are well known to everyone who has ever tried the discipline but if you are new to Yoga let...

Yoga for weight loss

Using Yoga for Weight loss

Using Yoga for Weight loss Using Yoga for Weight loss In today’s society carrying excess weight is becoming the norm rather than the exception. Lifestyles are increasingly sedentary, people’s diet is becoming increasingly processed and fatty and food contains more...

The Power of Giving

The Rewards of Giving

The Rewards of Giving. Lessons learned from our Moms and Dads: As you may have read, my Mom has recently been called home. My Mom and my Dad (still alive and giving) have modeled giving, loving, and compassion my whole...

Abacos and Hurricane Dorian

Abacos and Hurricane Dorian

Finding Purpose While Helping Others Abacos and Hurricane Dorian: The Abacos are a treasure that words just can’t capture. Words like beauty, awe-inspiring, friendly, unique are all appropriate descriptions but fall far short from reality. As Hurricane Dorian made a...

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