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Return Policy

As Great Past 60 connects buyers and sellers, you are governed by the return policies of the sellers. This being said, we only allow vendors on our site who have a policy of taking care of their customers. You may contact us for help with anything you are not completely satisfied with. You can also read our return policy by clicking on the link above.

Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously. We do not sell, rent or share our members’ information outside the Hoffman Enterprises, LLC umbrella. Furthermore, This is also a secure website. You can rest assured that your information is protected. You can read our Privacy Policy by clicking on the above link to learn more.

Terms of Service

If all sides don’t find value in a transaction, it is not worth doing. This is one of our core beliefs. You can find our terms of service policy here.

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And now, a word from our sponsors. First, I would like to thank them for making this site possible. Without their support, we would not exist. We have invested hundreds of hours in Great Past 60 and Tens of thousands of dollars. Finally, you can help. Please support them by visiting the links posted on these pages.

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