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Great Past 60 Store
Great Past 60 Store

Great Past 60 Store

You have found it! The Great Past 60 store. And we truly have a lot in store for you!

Senior Store

Several stores in fact! First, we have the Senior Store. This is a place designed for both buyers and sellers. The primary goal of this marketplace is to provide a place for our members to sell the products they make to generate an income stream.

You may have years worth of talent making cool, unique products for friends and family, but have never had the opportunity to take some of these to market. This is the place for you. You can now register as a vendor and place your creations here, use our platform, and keep the profits. This store was set up as a service to you, and not a profit center for Great Past 60 so the bulk of the profit goes to you. We take a small percentage of the profit to cover the cost of the store, but want to put as much as possible in your pocket to enhance your life.

For our buyers, you can find unique, handcrafted items that are not to be found anywhere else in the world. All sales are between you and the seller but in order to remain on our platform, both parties must be satisfied with the transaction.


ETSY is another marketplace to sell your handmade goods. This is NOT our store, but a great option as it reaches millions of buyers.

We would suggest putting your products on both ETSY and the senior store. Your goal is to generate income so the more exposure, the better. They will, however take a larger part of your profit. Register by clicking this link.

Great Past 60 General Store

There are many other items that seniors need which can be found here. We offer convenience, discounts and service. Click on the link below to visit our store.

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