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Members ONLY Section

Members ONLY Section. Great Past 60 Exclusive Content
Members ONLY Section
Members ONLY Section

Members ONLY Section. Great Past 60 Exclusive Content.

Thank you for joining the Great Past 60 community. This section has content only available to registered members. While it is free to join, please don’t think that is a reflection of the value of being a member. As a matter of fact, it is quite the contrary. There are countless hours invested in the courses and materials that are here for you to use.

As our main goal is to help all in this community live a better life, we wanted to make it accessible to as many members as possible and did not want price to be a barrier to your health and happiness. You can help us keep the membership free by sharing this website and occasionally visiting our sponsors. Please post our web address to your social media sites and put in a good word for us. As always, Likes, Shares, and Comments help us reach others and are greatly appreciated.

Exclusive Content

Listed below are some courses, publications, and resources that are only available to registered members. They change frequently, so you will want to check back often for new content. Much of this content is free, but some are available for a GP60 discounted price. These are clearly marked.

The paid content is here because we found it worth the price and wanted you to have access to it. However, the author of this content is a business and needs to earn a living. Rest assured. If it is here, it is worth it. If, however, you find it not to your liking, you can get your money back.

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1: Overcoming Procrastination


A four-lesson course that can change your life.

Author: Robert C Hoffman

Price: Free to Members

Do You Feel Like You Are Always Working but Accomplish Little?

Sign Up Now to Get the: Overcoming Procrastination 4-Week eCourse

Procrastinate. It’s something we all do at times. We postpone tasks we dislike doing. We waste time on unnecessary things to avoid doing unpleasant, yet more important tasks. Procrastination, while seemingly harmless can have quite a negative impact on our lives.

Many people don’t realize they are chronic procrastinators. Consequently, it’s simply become a habit to put things off to do later. Other people procrastinate when they are afraid of doing something or are bored with the project. But those are just a few of the reasons why we procrastinate.

You have total control of how life affects you. As a result, when you focus on becoming the best you possible, you take the power away from external sources of negativity and stress. You choose if or how something affects your life. Finally, you become more resilient, more successful and a whole lot happier.

This e-course is designed to help you recognize your procrastination patterns and learn ways to overcome them, so you get more done each day. 

Sign up today and you’ll Learn:

  • The reasons people procrastinate
  • The harmful affects procrastination has on your life
  • How to recognize habits and patterns that lead to procrastination 
  • Ways to overcome some, if not all, of these habits and patterns
  • How to void procrastination
  • How to become more productive
  • Ways to make productivity a life-long habit

 …and a whole lot more!

Claim Your Free Access: Overcoming Procrastination eCourse

Simply enter your name, email address and click ‘Sign Me Up!’ below to instantly receive your guide right away by email. You will receive it in four lessons over four days via email.

Your privacy is protected and your email address will only be used by Hoffman Enterprises, LLC to communicate with you about personal-growth related subjects. You can cancel your subscription at any time. If you are ready to make a positive impact on your life, get signed up right now. Just enter your first name and email address above to get your guide. It’s free! Here’s to Your Success, 

Robert C Hoffman

Founder, Managing Member, Hoffman Enterprises, LLC

Copyright © Hoffman Enterprises, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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