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Medicare 101. My original title for this article was Medicare Made Easy. This sounds like an oxymoron but with a few basics, some history, and a few charts, I can have you up to speed in no time. But first,...

Yoga Past 50 2

Yoga for People Over 50

Yoga past 50. The benefits are amazing! Yoga For People Over 50 If you’ve never done yoga before, the thought of starting over age 50 may seem daunting. However, yoga is far from being a “one size fits all” type...

5 Weight Loss Decisions 0

5 Wise Weight Loss Decisions

5 Wise Weight Loss Decisions Weight loss is hard right? Well, in a way- yes. But really it shouldn’t be, at least with a little planning, and a lot of smart decisions. As humans, we tend to know what constitutes...

End depression by helping others 0

End Your Depression by Helping Others

You can make a difference A reader on Quora asked the following question: I am feeling lonely and depressed. I am living alone, go to work alone, and rent a house alone. What should I do about this situation? Here...


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