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Pain Management

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Pain Management

Pain Management

Pain Management



It can seem strange (and cruel) that in this day and age that pain is such a big factor in so many people’s lives. With all the advances made, especially in science and medicine, it would be reasonable to assume that there should be fewer and fewer people in pain, but not so.

Also, there seems to be almost an epidemic of chronic pain.  Many people suffer pain daily, for many different reasons.  Chronic pain is such a large part of life for many individuals that it is taken for granted, with the assumption that there is nothing that can be done.

For others, their whole day, every day, is based around the limitations to their lives caused by their pain.

This eBook can help sufferers understand that natural options for pain relief do exist. Some are as effective as over-the-counter medications, without the side effects.

Not all pain relief is medicinal.  Many therapies are available that individuals may not have considered, which may provide relief without damaging their health further.

It is amazing how the three macro lifestyle components of health and wellbeing – diet, exercise, and sleep – can play such a big factor in pain, both in cause and cure.

As well as detailing different pain relief options, this report offers advice to those with specific problems, such as cancer patients, seniors, and work-related pain.

Bob Hoffman

Great Past 60

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