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Why Great Past 60?

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6 Responses

  1. Linda says:

    You are indeed talented with huge personal worth. Love you Bob

    • Thank you, Linda. Coming from such a great, positive person, I am humbled by your words. You have gone through Hell, yet still managed to be one of the most positive, uplifting, bright lights in this world. I thank God for putting you in my life.

  2. Ria Marin says:

    This is great!

  3. Marie Sligar says:

    This is awesome! I am looking forward to reading daily.

  4. GeorgeKex says:

    Wonderful website, how do you find all this info?I have read through a couple of posts on your website and I like your style. Thanks a million, keep up the great work.
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    • Thank you, George! I really appreciate your comments. This take a lot of hard work and research. I see people who are in need and do research to help them find some clues to a solution. I love to write, so putting the two together is a joy. We also get content and wisdom from people like you to post. There are a billion people over 60. If we can help just one of them, it is worth doing. I hope you will share this site and consider contributing your own wisdom to our community. It is you who make this site magic. Thanks again.

      Bob Hoffman

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